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Are you safe from data loss?

An independent report has revealed ninety-two percent of companies have deployed some form of data backup technology, yet 50 percent of those respondents have lost data. Of the companies that lost data, approximately a third have lost sales, 20 percent have lost customers and a quarter claim the data loss caused severe disruptions to the company.

You may have a backup system in place, but are you confident it is functioning correctly? ITM can help you make sure your backup system is 100% functioning through a range of low-cost services. Enquire today before it is too late.

Google Powered Phone

THE Google Phone – “The Dream”, widely touted as the first serious rival to the Apple iPhone, has been launched in Australia through Optus. The Dream is a quad-band touch-screen GSM 3G phone, fitted with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities. It also has a three-megapixel camera. Bundled features include access to YouTube, Google Maps, an MP3 player, instant messaging and email.

Telstra ramps up Next G network

Telstra Corporation will roll out what it says is the world’s fastest wireless broadband network, over the next two months. Chief executive Sol Trujillo announced that Telstra will be increasing the maximum speed of its Next G mobile network to 21 megabits per second (Mbps) for business customers, starting on February 23, from the current maximum of 14.4 Mbps.

Buying IT Equipment? Kevin Rudd comes to the Party

Tax Breaks Help You Get The Technology Your Business Needs, Now!

As part of the Federal Government’s $42 billion stimulus package, Australian businesses can access Tax Breaks which you can use to invest in equipment you need for your business:

For small businesses, you can claim an additional 30% tax deduction for assets costing more than $1,000.

For businesses with over $2 million in turnover, you can claim an additional 30% tax deduction for assets costing more than $10,000.

This includes Servers, PCs, Laptops and other IT Equipment.

These incentives are only available for a short period of time, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Eligible borrowers using Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase facilities will claim the Investment Allowance as if they had paid cash.

Microsoft Releases Emergency Patch

Microsoft has just released an important patch to secure Internet Explorer.

If it is not patched, hackers can take over your computer through a software flaw.

Though only very few users have had their computers compromised already, it is recommended that all users of Internet Explorer should install the update as soon as possible.

If you are confident, please use the link on the right to update your computer, otherwise contact us to arrange a site visit to rectify this issue. Each computer on your network must be patched to ensure you are protected.

Take care in applying other updates from Microsoft which have the potential of causing further problems. It is recommended to perform a backup before you apply these updates.


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